David Olawoyin is a Christian writer and Bible teacher with a passion for and unique insight into the biblically predicted Millennium and the Millennial Kingdom. He is the writer and editor of The Kingdom Herald and the author of The Global Destiny People, a critically acclaimed book that presents a groundbreaking and inspirational perspective of the promised Millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the believer’s place in it.

After obtaining a first degree and postgraduate certificate in engineering and several years of in-depth biblical studies, David Olawoyin made a commitment to Christian writing and ministry. On the invitation of the American founder of the West African Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria, he enrolled in the institution to pursue a Master of Divinity degree. However, he found the program to be more hindering than enabling to his calling and therefore dropped out. He subsequently enrolled in and completed the Biblical Studies program of The National Bible College, United Kingdom. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Education at Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

A hearing challenge that David Olawoyin has contented with since early high school has had the disguised benefit of sharpening his perception and adding a unique dimension to his writings, which have attracted outstanding reviews from around the world. The Christian writer Scott Hale says regarding David Olawoyin’s book on the Millennium, “I am truly amazed at the scope of your [vision]. I cannot recall anyone speaking of Biblical Prophecy and the ‘Last Act’ – that is, the Millennium and the Ever-After that follows – in the manner that you have, nor attempting to view the Millennium with any skill, unless perhaps the grandmaster of allegory, C.S. Lewis.” David Olawoyin nevertheless holds onto the biblical declaration of his healing by the stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ and looks forward to overcoming the challenge.

He is a dedicated husband and doting father of an adorable daughter and admirable son.

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