Bethel Literary Initiative

(The dedicated website of the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE is presently under development.)

The mission of the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE (BETHLIN) is “To discover, network, and support the development of gifted Christian writers, and create a comprehensive, first-rate and wholesomely rewarding Christian literary and publishing landscape in Nigeria and Africa.”

Although more urgent in Nigeria and other African nations, the necessity for the literary (reading and writing) development of Christians is a global and pressing one. As the famous American Christian teacher and author Dr. Howard Hendricks observed, “Evangelical churches today desperately need people who read. I want to make a prophecy: In the twenty-first century, more and more of our churches will be forced to teach remedial reading to their people. One day I said to one of my classes in seminary, ‘The problem with the average guy coming out of the university is that he can’t read, he can’t write, and he can’t think. And if you can’t read, write, or think, what can you do?’.” (in Teaching to Change Lives.)

The current and envisioned facets of BETHLIN include:

  • Bethel Christian Writing Challenge
  • Bethel Christian Writers Fellowship
  • Bethel Christian Writing Course
  • Bethel Digest (a publication)
  • Bethel Editorial and Literary Service
  • Bethel Publishing
  • Bethel Reading Campaign

It is our expectation that the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE would eventually metamorphose into the BETHEL LITERARY INSTITUTE.

We would be glad to share more about our vision and projects with potential sponsors and partners. Inquiries should be sent through To fellowship with us at the Bethel Christian Writers Fellowship on Facebook, click here.