Bethel Literary Initiative

(The dedicated website of the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE is presently under construction at You are invited to keep up with our progress.)

We have the vision for the establishment of BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE (BETHLIN). The mission statement is “To discover, network and bolster the development of gifted Christian writers, and create a comprehensive, first-rate and wholesomely rewarding Christian literary and publishing landscape in Nigeria and all Africa.” The facets of the initiative include:

  • Bethel Writing Challenge (periodical writing contests to awaken latent talents)
  • Bethel Writers Network
  • Bethel Writing Course
  • Bethel Editorial and Literary Service
  • Bethel Digest (a periodical publication)
  • Bethel Publishers
  • Bethel Reading Campaign

It is our expectation that the BETHEL LITERARY INITIATIVE would eventually metamorphose into the BETHEL LITERARY INSTITUTE (BETHLIN).

We would be glad to share the detailed BETHLIN proposal with potential sponsors and partners. Inquiries should be directed to