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Excerpt of the Week: Dan Brown Testifies


[Excerpted from THE GLOBAL DESTINY PEOPLE – Rediscovering the Armies of Heaven and the Biblical Promise of the Millennium]


Despite the deserved negative reputation of the bestselling author Dan Brown among Bible believers, I was fascinated by an observation that he made in his book The Lost Symbol. He commented about how mankind had drifted in darkness for thousands of years, and how an imminent change had long ago been prophesied by the “ancient texts.” This approaching revolution is supposed to have a specific date and is expected to be associated with “a brilliant explosion of knowledge” that will offer humanity a final opportunity to escape mortal destruction and take the “path of wisdom.” Brown seems to suggest that present research activities in some quarters are building up to the fulfillment of this prophecy, with the breakthroughs having the potential of igniting a renaissance that will stimulate man to rediscover his lost knowledge, resulting in tremendous empowerment.[1]

I am cautious about the ancient texts and other prophetic indicators that Brown flaunts, and I certainly do not know where he gets his inspiration from, or what his motives are in writing. One thing that I do know, however, is that the cited portion of his book is an impressive witness to what we are talking about. And as I said, the redeemed saints represented in the four Beasts will be the mediums of this promised millennial deluge of wisdom and understanding, a dazzling outburst of knowledge from Heaven.

[1] Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, Random House, New York, 2009, 69–70 (emphases added).